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Step with us into virtual reality

Take a trip to the other side. You can have all the worlds in your hands. Travel to any real or imagined place. Recreate the experiences you want to live


Have you already experienced the WOW Effect?

Spoiler alert! It`s amazing

The WOW Effect is the awesome sensation the users describe the first time they experience virtual reality. This powerful feeling increases the engagement of users whether with brands or training, they commit. The perception of presence inside another world enables our clients to tell immersive stories that can be combined with interactivity.



The Cosmic Rider

VR Coming soon

Character System

Voice-driven Character Interaction System for Virtual Reality

Electrical Training

Interactive Virtual Reality Training

Architectural Visualization

Interactive Virtual Reality Tour

Virtual Reality Experience for Tourism

Programming and Technical Consulting

Virtual Reality Experience for Education K-12

Programming and Technical Consulting

Risgo VR

In development.

Interactive Virtual Reality Training Tool

Venera 5 – Mystic Mushroom

Video 360

Risgo VR

Train recreating the experience of dealing with danger

Risgo VR is a virtual reality tool where teachers can build their own training missions to teach workers how to face risky situations.

Inside Risgo, the instructor customize scenarios, modifies their characteristics, and places industrial hazards on them. Then he can configure the learning experience, creating challenges and setting an evaluation mode. When it is done, he can test in first person the environments that he has already created, and save the project for others to train inside them.


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